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Spend time on the details your customers care about.

Not the details they never see.

All businesses need an effective administrative operation—human resources, market research, payroll administration, information technology, and print communications. However, your customers don't do business with that side of your operation.

NHT provides a full range of administrative, strategic, and research solutions, allowing you to focus on job one, providing top quality products and services.

We specialize in serving the needs of government contractors and technology innovators. As a long-time government contractor, NHT's accounting department brings reliable insight into the complex rules of government accounting.

A provider of consulting services for more than 13 years, NHT has a proven track record of delivering cost-effective results. Whether you need an evaluation of your computer networks or assistance with government contract record keeping and compliance, NHT has a dedicated team with more than a decade of experience.


Strategic Consulting

» Market-Positioning
» New Venture Analysis
» Commercialization Support
» Proposal Review

Market Research

» Focus Groups
» In-Depth Interviews
» Intercept Studies

Business Operations

» IT Systems Consultation
» Government Accounting
» Human Resources Support


» Media Effectiveness Studies
» Website Usability
» Website Design
» Print Communications